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Aug 31 '14
"I sometimes think we must be all mad and that we shall wake to sanity in strait-waistcoats."
Bram Stoker, Dracula
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Jul 7 '14
Wonderful. Absolutely love it. 

Wonderful. Absolutely love it. 

May 25 '14

One step behind
with no wings nor a motor,
one second too slow
to taste the drop left of the water.
No time to look up
as the backs of their shoes
raise the dirt spawned by past
in a mind-fogging ruse.
And the single last choice,
although fruitless and deadly,
is to run for the life that
is hopelessly empty.  

Apr 22 '14
"Fault always lies in the same place, my babies: with him weak enough to lay blame"
Stephen King “The Drawing of the Three” — The Dark Tower Part 2
Apr 2 '14

A story is running through fields of cane,
A story is giggling from the touch of each grain.
To stammer, to stumble, to fall, and to fly;
To laugh at the grave, and grieve for the sky…
To ask the wrong questions, to search for the lies.
To quench the first sparkle of life in its eyes.
A story conforms to its ready-made plot,
A story lays helpless and ready for rot.
To surrender, accept, to comply without heed;
To only desires its primitive needs…
To watch the sand drop from the glass to its back,
To see its existence fade from golden to black.  
A story is weary, so it’s turning the page,
For the story is tired of building its cage.   
To escape, to oppose, to refuse, and to fight;
To burn out the candle that stifles the light…
To forget how to fear, and recall how to play;
To dance for the night till the grass weeps for day.

And the story still carries the weight of regret,
to warn all who listen of the unexposed threat. 

Mar 24 '14

Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, PA

So creepy. Loved it all.  

Mar 1 '14
Young The Giant Hammerstein Ballroom, NY 2014 
Amazing performance.  

Young The Giant 
Hammerstein Ballroom, NY 2014 

Amazing performance.  

Feb 10 '14

Deluded by simple ideas
   and flooded with passionless grief;
inept at expressing the simplest beliefs.

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Feb 9 '14

Little Castle

In a little castle in my mind,
a little girl was left behind.
With a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes,
she searched for a friend to tell her she’s fine.
She opened each door, and softly called “help,”
but no voice granted rupture to the fear that she felt.
So she hid in a chamber, fairly small for her size,
hugging her knees and closing her eyes
she created a vision, leaving all truth behind,
of a little castle in her mind. 

Jan 13 '14
"Often we pass beside happiness without seeing it, without looking at it, or even if we have seen and looked at it, without recognizing it"
Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo
Jan 9 '14

"One Time" by King Crimson on THRAK 

Dec 19 '13


I got a tattoo.
It reminds me of you:
of your hands, of your lips, of your hair.

I got a tattoo
and I still think of you,
but your image, it fades with each stare.

I got a tattoo.
It looks nothing like you, 
and its’ value is beginning to rot.

I got a tattoo.
It’s the world from bird’s-view, 
and it covers the last one I got.

Dec 18 '13
Nov 26 '13

"Can You Understand" by Renaissance

Nov 20 '13


You held your head high
and stomped through their alley,
your heels dragged trash on their ground.
As they reached for your neck
and squeezed it just right,
you still wouldn’t turn back around.
Each step was a struggle
with their claws digging deeper; 
you refused to bargain for peace.
As your sweat burst through pores
and their fingers slid open
you finally got your release.
You looked at your foes
their eyes drowned in despair,
and a thought surged its way through:
they reached for your hand,
but you stuck up your chin
so your neck was the part they held to.